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HSW (Hydro Swelling Droplets)

Toning and emollient Polymer emulsifying technology, creates excellent spreadability during application, toning the skin at the same time and generating shine, adherence and a particular softness.

DIOSMINE food grade

Anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous and antivaricose Natural chemical compound widespread in the plant world that has anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous and antivaricose activity. It can be applied - in the form of creams or...

Stimulating Phytocomplex

It gives tone and freshness Hypericum extract, lemon balm, arnica, rosemary, juniper and sage with a cosmetological action capable of giving tone and freshness


Slimming, draining, elasticizing and moisturizing Substance that in the human organism disposes of fatty acids. In nature it is present in some foods, dairy products, soybeans and some fruits, including...


Draining and detoxifying Molecule that stimulates the mobilization of fatty acids in the adipose tissue as well as having a draining and detoxifying action. This action is useful for its...


Anti-cellulite Active substance that acts locally to eliminate cellulite blemishes and local fat lumps. This molecule is capable of acting quickly and effectively on the adipocyte via the transcutaneous route,...

Mullein flowers

Illuminating extract, obtained through enzymatic biotechnologies whose property is to absorb ultraviolet radiations with wavelengths invisible to the human eye and to emit them in the form of photons of...


Reduces expression lines Active molecule that reduces the aesthetic visibility of expression lines. Similar to botulinum toxin, it attenuates small expression lines by acting on the contraction of mimic muscles.

Mu-conotoxin CnIIIC

Reduces expression lines Synthetically produced sea snail protein of the genus Conus. It reduces the motility of the mimic muscles without blocking their movements, allowing a progressive skin relaxation and...


Elasticizing and moisturizing Specific molecule that contributes to the formation of collagen by improving skin elasticity and hydration. It exerts its regularizing activity through the production of collagen fibers which...

Polysorbate blend 20

Emollient properties Helps to dilute essential oils or perfumes in water based cosmetics such as lotions, creams, gels.

Provitamin B 5

Natural ingredient with strong moisturizing and emollient-soothing properties. Strong moisturizing, emollient and soothing action, it is also an ingredient of choice for dry or irritated skin.

Vitamin E

Anti - age protects the epidermis from the oxidation of skin lipids and their rancidity. It is a lipid active with provitaminic properties, which performs a soothing and elasticizing anti-aging...

Marine Collagen

Emollient and moisturizing Rich in amino acids including the essentials, it is a functional substance intended to carry out a moisturizing and smoothing action on the surface of the horny...


Slows down skin aging Molecule formed by several amino acids that binds specifically to the receptors of the skin cells giving greater skin elasticity and hydration.

Beta Carotene E160 A

Slows down skin aging Carotenoids are highly pigmented substances, which in their pure state are presented in the form of ruby-red crystals, while when diluted they take on the typical...

Coenzyme Q10

Anti-wrinkle elasticizer It acts in nature against free radicals responsible for the oxidation of collagen and elastin, counteracting the loss of elasticity and the formation of wrinkles.

Vitamin A

Protective and normalizing participates in maintaining the integrity of the skin. It is also useful for chapped, red and irritated skin as well as carrying out a sebum-regulating action.

C vitamin

High antioxidant capacity protects the skin and improves its development and appearance. Promotes the formation of collagen and to inactivate the free radicals responsible for skin aging; acts on the...

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